Preti Launch Pad helps innovative start-ups build their businesses on a strong legal foundation.

You’ve started your business. Put in the long hours, worked hard to earn the trust of your customers, and made the most of every dollar. And it’s paid off. Your business is growing.

But with each new customer comes the increasing realization that your start-up is past the “let’s see if this works out” phase. It’s now ready to take the next step and get legally established and protected.

You probably understand the importance of legal formation and filings for the long-term success and protection of your business.

But, you have no idea where to start and the whole legal process is pretty daunting.

How great would it feel to have peace of mind and full confidence that your business has been properly formed and filed? You’re probably thinking that your start-up can’t afford that ‘peace of mind’ right now. 

Good news! Actually, it can.

Preti Launch Pad is a complimentary legal assistance program for innovative startups and entrepreneurs looking to grow and protect their business. As part of the Launch Pad community, clients and graduates can receive support and assistance on a wide range of legal services.

 It’s the smart way to build your business and establish a strong legal foundation. Done by an attorney and for a fraction of the cost of online or traditional law services.


So how does launch pad work?

After qualified applicants are accepted to the Launch Pad program, our talented, small business-savvy attorneys provide complimentary support on legal formation of your startup, as well as handle your business’ annual legal filings. You only pay for the filing fees (estimated to be $200). Limited spots are available each month, so apply today to find out if your business qualifies for Launch Pad.


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Learn about how Preti Launch Pad provides New England start-ups with a strong legal foundation.

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